Hi, my name is Anton!

I’m a Senior Product Designer from Stockholm, Sweden.

Currently working at EQT. Previously with BookBeat, Plick, C More and Stink. Graduate of Hyper Island. Had my dreams of becoming a professional basketball player crushed by my underwhelming physique and poor ball handling. Instead I make user interfaces focusing on simplicity, beauty and business logic. Jony Ive Lebron James will forever be my hero.

Case Study: BookBeat

Designing the top rated audiobook app

I worked as the Lead Product Designer at BookBeat pretty much since the first user signed on up until the service had reached over 250 000 paying users and scaled to launch in over twenty markets. My responsibility was to shape the user experience of BookBeat’s native apps.

Design is in the How?

I believe a good design process is both iterative and collaborative


Understanding the problem is a prerequisite for designing a good solution.

I try to get a 360 view through user research, data and stakeholder interviews.


It takes a few bad ideas to find a great idea.

I like to host workshops and collaborate on flows and features. Sketching the UI is just the icing on the cake.


The first solution is not the final solution.

I make interactive prototypes for usability testing to gain insights on how to improve the design.


Design isn’t done before it reaches the user.

I like to work closely with developers and I strive to make things less handoff and more handshake.

I started my design career over a decade ago making flyers for rappers. Beside my day job I’ve since also started an e-commerce for bowties, a niche basketball podcast and an app for finding the perfect lunch.

Now that you’ve come this far maybe it’s time to reach out?