Hi, I’m Anton!

Senior Product Designer from Stockholm.

I design digital products focusing on simplicity, beauty and business logic.

For the past decade I’ve been designing consumer facing apps that have been used by millions. I’m passionate about marrying user needs with business logic and packaging it into a seamless experience.

About Me

I’m Anton Andersson Andrejić. Product Designer by day. Lucky husband and proud dad by night. I was raised in Örebro but have been living in Stockholm for the past 10-ish years with a short stint in New York somewhere in the middle. When I’m not behind a computer screen I’m either playing, watching or podcasting about basketball.

I’ve always had a strong creative drive and a need for self expression which I first channeled through writing, later on music production and then photography which eventually led me to graphic design. I made my first design dollars selling posters and cover art to internet rappers that I used to make beats for.

Since then I’ve had over a decade to widen my design horizon through an education at Hyper Island, a series of challenging design jobs as both a freelancer, employee and partner. I’ve also launched several goofy side projects like a “Tinder for restaurants” app, a niche basketball podcast in Swedish and an e-commerce for bowties.

Design Philosophy

The way I view design is like a toolkit for approaching problems and to realize solutions. And then there’s some fancy visual stuff happening at the end. But just a fancy image alone is pretty useless if it lacks importance to people and a meaningful way to interact with. When working on digital products I like to take a pretty holistic perspective and see the process through from blank paper to live in App Store. That’s the best way I know of marrying the needs of the business, the needs of the users and the possibilities of the technology. This is also why I call myself a Product Designer which I see as a cocktail of one part UX designer and one part UI designer with a slight hint of business developer.

In my design work I tend to lean on a few overarching principles. I believe the best solution is the easiest solution and that good design should never get in the way of user goals. I think the purpose of design is to enhance people not products and I follow the rule of done is better than perfect. I’m also a minimalist at heart (maybe because I’m Scandinavian) so I like things to be clean, simple, elegant and beautiful.

Short work history

2020 - Now
Product Designer @ EQT
2016 - 2020
Lead Product Designer @ BookBeat
2014 - 2016
Product Designer @ C More
2013 - 2014
Designer & Partner @ Plick

Now that you’ve come this far maybe it’s time to reach out?