BookBeat is a subscription streaming service for audiobooks backed by Bonnier. Since its broad launch in 2016 it has quickly become among the market leaders in several European countries. I worked as the lead Product Designer at BookBeat pretty much since the first user signed on up until the service had reached over 250 000 paying users and scaled to launch in over twenty markets.

My responsibility was to shape the user experience of BookBeat’s native iOS and Android apps and my design process spanned from blank paper to live in app, covering everything UX and UI.

  • BookBeat iOS app
  • BookBeat Android app
  • Lead Product Designer
  • Product (PO, QA, Dev, Design)
  • 2016-2019

Design Process

During my time at BookBeat I planned and executed usability tests, held internal workshops and conferences throughout the organisation based on design methodology, developed UX tracking tools together with data science, created pixel perfect mockups, worked closely with developers to implement new features and constantly improved the handoff process. I prototyped, tested and launched over twenty new features and lots of additional smaller improvements.

Data driven

Drew insights from data and measured success

Usability testing

Planned and executed in person testing and interviews with real users


Assessed feasibility and were hands on during implementation


Quickly moved to something you could get a feel for


Ran collaborative design sessions both in the team and company wide

Pixel Perfect

Passion and care for the aesthetic down to every icon

Data Points

My design efforts were aimed at improving business KPI’s and a set of of UX tracking measurements (specific to the BookBeat product) I developed together with the data science team. Here’s a sample of what we accomplished with the product during my time at BookBeat.


increase in trial conversion


increase in retention


increase in frequency of use

Design that scales

I also created and refined a large scale design system for all of the UI-components which has helped blur the lines between design and development. It has greatly increased consistency and quality of outcome on the development side and supercharged the design workflow. The design system was shared in Sketch by the design team, distributed to developers with Zeplin and integrated in the codebase of both Android and iOS.

The most loved audiobook app

During my time we managed to elevate our App Store rating from 3.0 to a market leading 4.6 with thousands of positive reviews. This was done by strong collaboration in the product team, a curiosity for our users, an experimental mindset and attention to data, detail and design.